We participated in a project called “Europe for citizens” and were involved in activities regarding corruption and democracy. We discussed the EU values and policies and the possibility offerred when joining the EU. We started with a short presentation of the second part of this project that took place in the UK. Next on the agenda was a workshop on the benefits of joining the EU. It was interessting to see different points of view regarding this topic. During the lunch break that followed we had the opportunity to socialize, learn and compare out views on the development of society. Our day continued with a presentation that was tackling art and its ways of changing certain events in society. We looked at its implememtation throughout history and how it can be misused for propaganda. We had the chance to listen to another presentation regarding the EU. An expert in the field of EU integration shared his knowledge specifically from macedonian point of view. Judging by the flow of the day we had a very fruitful outcome. During dinner time we also had great opportunity to get to know each other better. So, this will definitely an experience worth of remeberence.



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