15th June

This day we were working to evaluate the meeting, how we found the last encounter and have a look backwards to the previous meetings. We were conducting the topics from one country to another. Introducing a topic and having a continuation on the next meeting and link with the introduction of a further topic. In this last one we close the different topics and compile the conclusions of the project. One of the relevant conclusions we fount is the favourable rate investment/results for these kind of projects brings to EU.

The project achieves a sustainable promotion of the EU construction to a more a thousand EU citizens from different countries, as well as promote active citizenship and create a filling of belonging to EU. We worked out to agree what participation on society and Democracy mean to us and how we can promote it.

The day besides the evaluation and reflection was focus on clarifying the results and the creation of final products. We continued the day to work on final products (videos, podcast, summaries), but especially to divide the task to create the chapters of the booklet that we create.

The booklet contains the works and the practices shared and developed during the project. We concluded the day debating about how to publish the results and transferring to future projects.


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