Today’s morning we had got a visitor Martin Aleksoski. With whom we talked about corruption in univercityes and in school system. At the beginning we defined what does corruption means to us. We compared our univercityes and corruption level in them acording to Macedonia, Spain, England and Estonia education system. We found out that corruption in Macedonia school system is very high level. But at the same time it’s not that high in Estonia, Spain and in UK.

In second session with Martin we were talking about youth possibilities. About youth councils and other youth organisatsions. How youth can take part in local society. We were mapping young peoples problems in Europe and found out that the biggest problem is unemployment. Problable the reason is taht young people do not have enought experiences. To apply different jobs or tasks.

After lunch our main topic was different EU funds. First we were explaned how different funds are held and later we discussed what are the positive and negative sides of there funds. How to improve them, paradixes of funds and how should be there funds be controlled. Reprecentatives from different countryes saw these funds really different.

The morning started with interactive discussions of deifferent ways of corruption, where all the patrticipants were able take part of it. Later on after lunch when we started talk about different EU funds and young people problem, it was really hard for foregiener to take part of discussions. We were over helmed by locals and it was allmost impossible to share our own ideas.  We were shared out in small groups, where most of the topics were discussed in local language, and with alot of ignoring. But still at the end we managed to succesfully complete it.

We ended the day with small mapping game around the Skopje. Where our teams had to visist different historical places of Skopje. While searching and visiting there places we had to talk with locals and collect they’re oinions about joining EU. Eaven if the talking part might get challenging because of the language barrier. We found out that most of the people wanna join the EU. Also there were alot of people who don’t have the opinion yet, it’s ok for them to join and it’s ok them not to join.

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