We started our day with 2 energizers. Later continued with brainstorming about populism and discussed about some speeches of Trump and political parties from Le Pen and Forza Nuova. We listened their speeches shortly from YouTube and comment about it.

Experts continued with presentation about impact of national government to be pro or against EU. We also talked shorty about how political parties affecting our thoughts to be supportive or against to EU, learned importance of to have critical mind.

We realised that history is repeating itself. We made a workshop called all-equal-all different and there it was text from a book by a famous scholar from Cordoba, Andalusia (in what is now Spain) who was born in 1029 AD / 420 AH. There were some texts that made us understand what populism is. We learned that it is hard not to judge others without prejudice because we take our own cultural perspective as being “the norm”.

Afternoon we had a workshop, it is called evolution of Adhesion situation Macedonia Citizen perspective. One expert made a presentation, it was interesting because we listened ideas from Macedonian participants; their reasons to be member of EU while some participants were not agreeing to be member of EU.

After this we continued with podcast creation and created 3 podcasts together with 4 countries, it was fun to work together and learn how to create a podcast.

Before dinner we had change to see museums, historical buildings and city centre with Macedonian participants. It was lots of fun and learning about history Skopje.

See you in Spain!

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