Thursday, March 15

Today was a very interesting day for us, since we visited the local court house. There we learned about the court system here in the UK and we are really happy about the chance to participate in one of the trials. In our opinion the court system here in the UK is more democratic than Estonian, because here they involve neutral citizens into the deciding process. We feel it is good that there are many representatives of the people involved in the cases and that the jury needs to have a consensus in the decision, because in our opinion this makes the process more fair.

After this we returned to the TLC College, where Hande did the introduction to the next part with a fun energizer. We started with a role play of the case of Karamjit Singh Chahal vs UK Government. For this we divided participants into 3 different groups, where everybody had a role – judge, Chahal or UK government. The discussion was strong between the participants and finally 5 groups out of 6 decided to let Chahal stay in UK, because the government did not have evidence against him.

After lunch we talked about different EU programs (e.g SALTO, Erasmus+, Human Rights TC, SOLVIT, etc.). then we had a very interesting group work where we seeked answers to different questions: how we can promote knowledge about EU? Which issues matter most to citizens? What motivates young people to stay/get involved in European debates? The results where interesting to listen to.  One of the question was also about how we see the future / how would our dream Europe look like? We analysed what is good now and what are the important aspects to focus on and get better in.

Finally we talked about transparency and corruption and to illustrate it we watched a video about European Committee 2014 conference and we were introduced to the report and key aspects about how to recognize corruption. We concluded that people feel the corruption is higher than the numbers of the statistics show.

The day ended with a lovely dinner and good wishes for safe travels. In addition, we all received a present – a soft donkey toy

Miret and Marika


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