The Training Course project ‘’Design Gaming’’ took place from the 4th to 13th of September 2022 in Spała & Łódź, two graphic sceneries located in the central part of Poland. 25 youth workers from Spain and 7 European countries were involved in the project that was hosted by the Polish NGO ‘’Foundation Institute for Creative Activity’’.

The project was focused on improving competencies in the area of creativity and innovation of methods and tools of professionals working with young people. Participants received knowledge and tools that can enrich themselves and the organizations by creating an educational offer tailored to the needs and capabilities of their target groups.

During the training they learnt the methodology of creating games (an urban game, card game) and also using traditional national games for the local community. More specifically they achieved to work on the following workshops:
1. practical workshop on how to make a card game
2. practical workshop on how to create a city game
3. tournament of traditional backyard games (Kubbe from Sweden, Petanque and others)
4. creation of an event for the local community in Lodz based on the games created as a result of the training
5 To learn about the process that supports creativity

In addition, during the training all youth workers and educators had the chance to:
1. getting to know each other and integrating during the Canoe trip
2. getting to know Spala and Lodz during city games and excursions
3. getting to know the international volunteers working at the PolishFoundation
The competences that they developed during the training were:
1. how to create and use different types of games in education
2. develop their creativity
3. manage and organize events, including promotion
4. working together in an international team

Τhe participants shared their opinions about good practices and other educational methods or approaches they are using during their everyday work life. The days started with an energizer that would boost the participants, so that they can have the most of their energy during the sessions. After that it was time for the daily activities that were focused on the topic of the project. The days ended with all the participants spending time together and having intercultural nights full of fun, knowledge, music, dances and flavors from different parts of Europe.

The project was a unique experience for all the participants of the Spanish team and made them reflect and develop themselves in a way that they became more socially aware. Juan,Isabel, Andrea, Andres and Nerea contributed the most to the project and have the most unforgettable memories from this experience. AJ Inter feels very grateful for having participated in this project and for giving the opportunity to local youth workers from Jerez to participate in such an impactful project for everyone.

Juan said: ‘This project has allowed me to learn a lot about the culture and history of Poland. In addition, I have been able to compare my country with others thanks to the contributions of my colleagues who came from different places. It is an experience that everybody should live’.

Andrea shared that: ‘It has been a very rewarding experience, in which we have learned about the place and about the activities that we carried out, without forgetting the people who accompanied us in this experience. Without a doubt, I took with me the places we have discovered, like Spala, the friends from all over Europe and a great experience’.

Isabel mentioned: ‘I loved the experience! The best thing about the whole project are the people you take with you. 100% recommended’.

Andres spoke about his experience stating that: ‘It was a great experience, I got to visit and learn about the culture and history of Poland, unknown by most. With the activities in which we took part, we learned, for example, how to manage group projects. Furthermore, we were able to spend a great amount of quality time with people from different countries, which not only helped in getting to know them, but also encouraged me (even more) to visit some of them. Overall an amazing experience which I would recommend to everyone’.

Special thanks to all the beautiful people of ‘Foundation Institute for Creative Activity’ and especially to Joanna for working hard and making this project such a unique experience and with a tremendous impact for all participants!


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