14th June

Today we started looking different models of democracy of each participating country and we add the one from France because we had two French participants.

We could observe the differences and similarities of one system to another such as Spain and United Kingdom, both have a parliamentary monarchy although Spain is governed by a constitution and United Kingdom has not but a unique political code.

Also like France, Estonia and the Republic of Macedonia are different types of republics, for example France has a presidency republic with a president and a prime minister. The president is elected by popular vote and the prime minister is appointed by the president. The Republic of Macedonia has a parliamentary republic and are governed by a Constitution and Estonia has a democratic, representative and multi-party parliamentary republic with a president elected every five years.

We also knew what are the values ​​that we believe the European Union has, in which we could see the different opinions of others.

Finally, we were discussing what kind of Europe we want in the future, where we made a workshop in which the participants had to decide a side, find arguments to defend their position, choose a representative of the group that had to expose and debate it in front of the other’s group representative, in the end we took conclusion according to the debate stablished by both representatives.

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